Aproxia (brain damage)

Child regains motor skills thanks to groundbreaking stem cell treatment so good


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Stem cell trial provides transformation and a bright future for kids with autism.


Stem cell facelift creates a miraculous transformation and lasts 20 years without the risk of surgery.


Woman gets her life back thanks to new evolution in stem cell medicine.

Heart Attack

Man gets a new lease on life: cardiac stem cells repair damage from a heart attack

Knee Arthritis

Man with crippling arthritis is pain-free and active for four years, following stem cell treatment.

Paralyzed spine cord healed

Medical miracle: man paralyzed from the neck down walking again thanks to innovative Stem Cells therapy.


Karate champion Sarah Harris regains her mojo thanks to Stem Cells therapy.


Woman regains her speech and use of limbs thanks to stem cell therapy.