Meet The Founders Of CEMAB

Our Stem Cell Laboratory

Dr Carlos Alberto Isaza Mejía

Dr Carlos is a physician and specialized pharmacology surgeon. For 30 years he has been a professor of medicine and researcher at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP). He is an expert in pharmacogenetics and regenerative medicine, and co-author of the textbook “Foundations of Pharmacology and Therapeutics”. He is also the scientific director of the Stem Cell and Biotechnology Center (CEMAB).

Dr Julieta Henao Bonilla

Dr Julieta is a medical geneticist who specializes in regenerative medicine, prenatal diagnosis, and in vitro fertilization. She graduated from the Universidad medicine and director of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory. She is also the technical director of the Stem Cell and Biotechnology Center (CEMAB).

Where It All Begun

In 2011, these two professors of medicine were given a grant from the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira to investigate “Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells”. So began the extraordinary journey of Colombia‘s Stem Cell Pioneers.

Dr Julietta and Dr Carlos made it their mission to study the results of clinical trials from around the world concerning stem cells. What they discovered was an impressive safety and efficacy profile, and that stem cell therapies are often superior to treatments available in traditional medicine. Individuals suffering from a broad range of conditions, including so-called incurable diseases such as MS, autism and Parkinson’s were experiencing breakthrough transformations in their ability to heal following stem cell treatments.

From the clinical trial research, they were able to identify the most effective treatment protocols for a variety of medical conditions, which include generally 5 different methods of stem cell administration.

Direct injection for joints

Intrathecal injection for neural regeneration

Nasal injection for cerebral conditions

Spinal injection for ailments of the disc or spinal cord

Spinal injection for ailments of the disc or spinal cord

Then they began to administer treatments. Initially, they only treated family members and medical colleagues who suffered from arthritis or other joint pain, and desired to avoid surgery. After significant early success, they expanded their scope of treatments and opened it to a wider patient base. The results time and time again were extraordinary, in terms of helping people eliminate pain and regain control of their lives.

A breakthrough moment came in the successful treatment of a young soccer star who had lost his career as a result of debilitating type one diabetes. Multiple clinical trials had demonstrated that IV treatment with stem cells could markedly improve the lives of people suffering from this condition.

The doctors were able to help this patient by administering a high dose of stem cells to treat the diabetes. This was possible due to their ability to substantially increase the quantity of stem cells through culturing, a process that is not currently available in the United States outside of clinical trial settings. These clinical trials have shown that the quantity of stem cells administered can make a big difference in the effectiveness of stem cell treatments.

The young soccer star’s transformation was awe-inspiring. He returned to a full life, and even resumed his career as a professional soccer player. At that moment, the two medical professors stepped into their calling.

In 2014, they launched CEMAB, Colombia’s first biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the collection, culturing, and cryopreservation of stem cells. Ever since then, their mission has been to develop the highest quality Mesenchymal Stem Cells – ethically-sourced from umbilical cord tissue – for doctors to use in their treatments. To meet this objective, they use specific criteria for umbilical cord selection, and exacting standards of quality control for the culturing process, ensuring that stem cells coming from the CEMAB laboratory are characterized by the highest possible safety and efficacy profile.

The two professors of Medicine have since trained other doctors, who have, in turn, performed thousands of successful stem cell treatments.

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