Meet The Founders Of RejuvStem

Our Stem Cell Laboratory


Meet the founders of RejuvStem, our stem cell laboratory and clinic located in Guadalajara and Cancun Mexico

Dr. Fabián

MD, Chief Medical Officer

An accomplished physician, scientist, and entrepreneur based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dr Fabian is the Founder and President of RejuvStem, the leading stem cell laboratory in Latin America, he brings more than 20 years of experience in the research and clinical application of mesenchymal stem cells.

Chirag Shah

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and a trained patent attorney with a strong background in health care and biotechnology. Building on his 15+ years of technical and business experience Mr. Shah recognized the power that stem cell therapy possesses.

As Co-Founder of RejuvStem Clinic, Mr. Shah is passionate about expanding access to this remarkable therapy and is leading the drive to build a world-class regenerative medicine & wellness practice. Mr. Shah holds advanced undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biotechnology from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a Public Health degree from Boston University, and is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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The RejuvStem Story

The following is excerpt from the book God’s Medical Technology: How Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Transforming Peoples Lives.

Where It All Began...

“I have some really bad news. I hate to be the one who has to tell you this.” Chirag’s friend said to him over the phone.

“Tom is not gonna make it. The doctors said he needs to get his affairs in order. And loved ones who want to see him one more time, need to come to Alaska immediately.”

“No!” Chirag Shah screamed out in anguish.

“No. We are not going to lose Tom to Covid. There has to be a solution! There has to be a way to heal his lungs! I will not accept that! Tom is not going to die!”

Chirag Shah is a successful American patent attorney and Professor of Law at the University of Illinois. He also went to medical school. As such, he was an exceptional researcher. He immediately sprang into action, searching for a way to save his friend’s life.

He went on the website and discovered that stem cell medicine was proven, through multiple clinical trials, to be effective for treating COPD and other respiratory disorders.

If stem cells are effective in healing the lungs, Chirag reasoned. It should be effective for treating Covid.

Next, Chirag began to search for a doctor who could administer the treatment. He quickly discovered that IV treatments with stem cells are not yet legal in the United States.

Initially he spoke to Dr. Dan Bowman, from Cincinnati Ohio. Dr. Bowman was considered an expert in bone marrow stem cell transplants.

“My friend Tom is 51 years of age. Normally he is in great physical shape. He is a physician from Alaska. He’s had a severe reaction to Covid. They have him on a ventilator and they’re not sure how long is going to live.” Chirag said.

Meet Dr. Fabian

Dr. Bowman directed Chirag to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he met Dr. Fabian Chaidez, founder of Rejuv Stem, Mexico’s oldest and most trusted stem cell laboratory. Dr. Fabian is one of the early pioneers. He has been practicing Stem Cell medicine for 20 years.

Dr. Fabian shared how he started in Stem Cell Medicine. “My father was a doctor. When I was in college, he recommended that I do my senior thesis on stem cell medicine.

“Following medical school, I did an internship in Colombia, South America, during a war. There were some horrific wounds. I began treating the soldiers with their own bone marrow stem cells. Over and over again, the stem cells saved lives and healed the most challenging wounds.

“Miracles were happening every day, and I developed a vision to bring Stem Cell medicine to my people in Mexico.

“When I returned home following the war, my father found some investors, and we built Mexico’s first stem cell laboratory.”

Tom was immediately flown to Guadalajara.


In stem cell medicine, there is a protocol called “code red” where immediate, intensive care is given to treat a life-threatening condition.

Tom’s aggressive treatment plan called for 300 million Stem Cells delivered by IV every 30 days until his lungs fully recover.

Prior to his first treatment, Tom’s lungs were black and he could not walk up a flight of stairs or out to the mailbox without completely losing his breath. But just 10 days following his first stem cell treatment Tom began to see positive results.

Following Tom’s second round of 300 million stem cells injected intravenously, he had a complete healing. He literally went from his deathbed to completely healed in less than 60 days. MRI results revealed that his lungs were completely pink. Ultimately, Dr. Fabian recommended a third round of 300 million Stem Cells to complete the protocol.

The Inspiration

Chirag was enormously grateful the stem cell treatments saved his friend’s life. In the aftermath, he found himself pondering important questions:

Why did half a million Americans have to die from Covid when Stem Cell medicine is a proven, effective treatment for respiratory health problems?

Why wasn’t stem cell medicine made available to help dying Americans during the pandemic?

At that moment, Chirag knew that he wanted to become proactive in bringing stem cell medicine to the Americans who needed it. Over the next year, Chirag raised more than $1 million to invest in a partnership with Rejuv Stem and its founder, Dr. Fabian.

During the previous 14 years, RejuvStem had been a wholesale provider of Stem Cells to doctors all over Mexico and had a clinic in Guadalajara. They had never marketed to Americans or other English-speaking people.

Chirag approached him about becoming a full partner in RejuvStem and providing the funding required to purchase equipment that would enable them to expand the productivity of their stem cell laboratory.

Dr. Fabian readily agreed.

Shortly thereafter, Chirag was approached by a group of patients who offered to make a large wholesale purchase for the English-speaking market.

Gaia Stem Cells agreed to purchase eight billion umbilical cord stem cells at a wholesale price for its Club Members and partnered with RejuvStem clinics to create a price club for stem cell medicine.

Gaia created “The Patient’s Club” with three levels of membership.

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