Medical Uses Of Stem Cells

How stem cell treatments reduce or eliminate pain and repair damaged cell tissues.

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In this – Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells Special Report – you will discover how stem cell therapy has been effective in the treatment of all of these conditions:

Low back pain
Heart disease
Spinal cord injury
Cerebral palsy
Muscular multiple sclerosis
Traumatic Brain Injury
Cosmetic Facelift
Hair Growth
Liver failure
Rheumatoid arthritis
kidney failure
Type one diabetes
Type two diabetes
Parkinson's disease
Lyme disease

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About The Authors


Dr Carlos is a Physician and specialized pharmacology surgeon. For 30 years he has been a Professor of Medicine and Researcher at the Universidad Tecnológico de Pereira, Colombia, South America. He is an expert in pharmacogenetics and regenerative medicine and the co-author of the textbook "Foundations of Pharmacology and Therapeutics". He is also the scientific director of the Laboratory of the Stem Cell Center and Biotechnology - CEMAB.


Dr Julieta is a Medical Geneticist who specializes in regenerative medicine, and prenatal diagnosis and in vitro fertilization. She graduated from the Universidad Tecnológico de Pereira (UTP), where she is currently a Professor of Medicine and Director of the Laboratory of Medical Genetics for Teaching and Research. She is also Technical Director of the Laboratory of the Stem Cell Center and Biotechnology - CEMAB.

Where It All Begun

In 2011, these two Professors of Medicine were given a grant from Universidad Tecnológico de Pereira to investigate the “Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells”. So began the decade-long journey to write this Special Report.

Dr Julietta and Dr Carlos made it their mission to study the results of every clinical trial around the world concerning Stem Cells. Their discoveries about the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of stem cells are groundbreaking. 

Individuals suffering from a broad range of conditions, including so-called incurable diseases such as MS, autism and Parkinson's were experiencing breakthrough transformations in their ability to heal following stem cell treatments. 

From the clinical trials research, the two professors of Medicine were able to identify the most effective treatment plans. From this scientific research they created five treatment protocols for medical doctors and surgeons: 

Direct injection for joints
Intrathecal injection for the neurological system
Nasal injection for the brain
Spinal injection for ailments of the disc or spinal cord
IV Treatment of all internal organs

Then they began to treat patients. Initially, they only treated family members and medical colleagues who suffered from arthritis, or other joint pain, and did not want to have surgery. The results time and time again were extraordinary, in terms of helping people eliminate pain and regain control of their lives. 

A breakthrough moment came in the successful treatment of a young soccer star who had lost his career as a result of debilitating type one diabetes. Multiple clinical trials had demonstrated that IV treatment with stem cells could markedly improve the lives of people suffering from type one diabetes. 

It was at this point that Dr Carlos and Dr Julieta created their "Megadose Treatment Protocol". They had learned from their research into the Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells that the highest doses of stem cells always created the best results. 

The young soccer star's transformation to a full life where he could resume his career was awe-inspiring. At that moment, the two medical professors stepped into their calling. 

In 2014, they launched CEMAB, Colombia's first biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the collection, culturing and cryopreservation of Stem Cells for Medical Purposes. 

For the last seven years, their mission has been to develop the highest quality Mesenchymal Stem Cells for doctors to use in their treatments. 

The two professors of Medicine have since trained countless doctors, who have, in turn, performed thousands of successful stem cell treatments. 

Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells is a special report that is based on a decade of scientific research and the experiences of two humble, Stem Cell Pioneers.

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Knee Arthritis

Cardiovascular Disease


Spinal Cord Injury

Cerebral Palsy

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Brain damage (Apraxia)


Stem Cell facelift (cosmetic)

Hair growth


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Medical Uses Of Stem Cells

How stem cell treatments reduce or eliminate pain and repair damage cell tissues

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