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Gaia Stem Cell Solutions Seminar

June 10 - June 14

Coffee & Pastry Seminar at The San Fernando Hotel

45 minutes to discover a solution to chronic pain

Benefit #1

Relieves inflammation which reduces or eliminates pain 

Benefit #2

Orchestrates new tissue development & repairs joint injuries

Benefit #3

Treats conditions often when there are no adequate options with traditional medicine

Seminar Details

45-minute informational seminar on the benefits of stem cell therapy
Individual question and answer sessions
THIS IS NOT A SALES CLOSING EVENT! We are here to inform and inspire only for those in need of healing
Authentic Colombian coffee and pastries served during seminar
Special Discounts off of Gaia Advanced Stem Cells already lowest prices in Colombia for any procedure for attendees or their loved ones!

Conditions We Treat

Joint pain in knees, shoulders, ankles, neck, wrists

Back pain
Knee arthritis
Sexual Enhancement
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cardiovascular Disease
Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 2
Liver Failure
Kidney Failure
Spinal Cord Injury
Parkinson’s Disease
Cerebral Palsy
Multiple Sclerosis
Facial and neck rejuvenation
and many more conditions to treat 

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