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Patient Referral Program for Health Care Providers

Incorporate a scientifically proven cutting-edge solution to chronic pain, debilitating medical conditions, and a safe alternative to surgery into your patients’ overall treatment program.

Who is Gaia Advanced Stem Cells?

Our world class stem cell laboratory and medical facilities are located in Colombia, South America. Our doctors have been providing advanced stem cell medical treatments for more than 10 years.

More than 800 clinical trials, studying Stem Cell Therapy, have been conducted at medical schools and universities around the globe. The findings demonstrate conclusively that stem cell therapy can help people suffering from a wide range of health conditions including:

To learn more about the clinical trials research into the efficacy and effectiveness of Stem Cell Medicine, please check out our free Special Report PDF titled “Evidence of the Medical Benefits of Stem Cells”.

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Click the button to get this FREE PDF

Click the button to get this FREE PDF

What You Receive in Gaia’s Strategic Partner Program

The goal of Gaia Advanced Stem Cells is to help health care practitioners improve their patients’ lives through use of cutting-edge stem cell therapies that can reduce or eliminate pain, regenerate damaged tissue, offer relief from autoimmune conditions, and enhance their overall well-being.

For healthcare practitioners who would like to offer stem cell treatments to their clients, we provide educational and inspirational marketing tools that will help your clients make an informed decision.


We will provide you with a series of email messages and social media images and posts that carry your unique tracking link. It is as simple as cut and paste.

These marketing tools will inspire people to check out our stem cell success stories, video library, educational content and offer pages.

Your patients will receive a free consultation with one of our stem cell treatment specialists, who are responsible for closing all sales.


Super Affiliates are paid 5% of gross sales and are responsible for marketing and attracting
affiliate partners.

Direct affiliates are paid 15% of gross sales and are responsible for patient pre-qualification for stem cell therapy, referring patients for treatment in Colombia at Gaia’s medical partner facilities, and post-treatment follow-up to gage the progress of each patient referred and continue to support the patient with any further medical treatments, as needed.

With sales ranging from $8000 to $35,000, commissions for affiliate partners can be significant.

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